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What Teachers Are Saying

These are well-organized and help guide ideas for what to over in a class with heritage students. I appreciate how they are laid out with day by day instructions. Interesting topics and things to discuss. We are doing Cesar Chavez unit right now and the Braceros reading is fascinating!

- Mary B.

SO APPRECIATIVE of these materials. This truly was one of the most helpful things when beginning to teaching heritage speakers! I love the ideas and themes and how they allowed me to get to know my students. I valued the flexibility to use and adjust them to best fit my kids, and I was so grateful for having a starting-point for curriculum.

- S. L. 

I’m so thankful to have your materials. I love seeing the day-to-day lessons but also the creativity is top-notch! My kids are loving it! This is my second year and I’m so excited!

- Tamara Tahmi Dark

Buy this program. It is so SO good. I used it in my middle school advanced Spanish class, so this class has students who are 6th-8th grade and either native, heritage, or non-heritage but that attended the Spanish immersion elementary school. They loved almost every activity. ¡Gracias!

- Sarah P. 

I cannot thank you enough for your time and dedication to this curriculum. Our curriculum for native speakers is not appropriate and with this resource, I have been able to reach them. Again, Muchas Gracias!

- Larissa A.

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